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Relationship & Family

Navigating the dating world can be debilitating, exhausting, and sometimes downright depressing. With the addition of technology, online dating, and a shift in our culture, dating and relationships have sprouted new problems in communication and connections. These problems are present, especially if you feel like you’ve found “the one,” but it still isn’t working out. It’s easy to feel a disconnect when first connecting with someone.

Career & Money

As large conglomerates loom over the economic market, driving small businesses to their doom, the pressure to keep alive a business -- your livelihood -- is crushing you. The prospect of following your dreams and opening a small business can cause fear as well. Although society has pushed back against feeding money to large, successful companies by opting for events like Small Business Saturday after Black Friday, and shopping at online merchant marketplaces like Etsy, it takes a lot of effort to get a small business off the ground and keep it off the ground.

Health & Body

I have healed myself of Parkinson's Disease. I can support you along your journey to wellness. I have a series of modalities designed to assist you: Crystal Acupuncture, Teragram Therapy, Trinity Stone Healing, Hypnotherapy and simply asking The oneness to help you. Let me know how I may be of service.

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Seminar Series

I am taking my Webtalk  Radio Shows and turning them into mini-seminars just for you. I hope you will be pleased and decide to tag along on this Journey into The Unknown and allow me to be your guide.

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I am taking my Webtalk radio shows and turning them into mini-seminars just for you. I hope you will be pleased and decide to tag along on this Journey into The Unknown and allow me to be your guide.

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    What Our Clients & STUDENTS Say!


    Thank you for all your remote healing on myself and my brother. He is so much better and my body is stronger. My skin has improved and my neighbors are no longer bothering me, since I asked you to help me deal with them. Well, they just moved out, so now I am happy staying where I am. Oh, and thank you for healing my sister too. 


    United Kingdom

    Hello, well i have been using your wound care suggestions for about a week now and i am seeing good results see my doc. on Thursday can't wate to show them what we have done. thank you so much. Also tried Teragram therapy last night holy crap almost did not make it out of bed this morning was not ready for the anger i woke up with or the body pain. Wow talk about spinning in place. but things seem to be better now. hope you and yours  are well and safe


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    Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops is a lifelong student of the Paranormal. From her British roots, her relationship with Spirit Guides has led her to become one of world's leading communicators of The Oneness. In this book, she shows we are connected not only to our world, but also with the spirit world and world's beyond. Dr. Margaret pulls you into some of the most intimate, exciting, and bizarre that anyone could share. This may also be your story! If you appreciate her messages, this story could be a key to saving our society and our environment. Understanding "The Oneness of All That Is" will unite you with the Creator and lead you to appreciate the glory of His work. Find out here, how Dr. Margaret became... "The Voice of the Oneness."