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This inspiring work delves into the cosmology of multi-dimensional spiritual existence. Beginning with the “Word” as vibrational consciousness, this book takes you on a journey through the principles of creation, separation, the descending and sending currents, faith, intuition, belief and evolution.

Unlike so many other philosophical and erudite works on Cosmology and Histology, this work slides you along easily in plain talk and down to earth examples, making you feel like this information was already within you… and it was. It just takes a little nudge to bring it into your conscious awareness. Enjoy!

Expanding Images has proven to be an astoundingly easy way to help individuals naturally develop Physic senses. The OmniCard* is a most effective and easy tool to facilitate this process. Users will gain great insight and experience significant positive changes. The OmniCard is a trademark of Sumaris Center in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Discover Your Purpose

Einstein’s Theory Explained

Easily Develop Physic Senses

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Dr. Margaret pulls you into some of the most intimate, exciting, and bizarre that anyone could share. This may also be your story! If you appreciate her messages, this story could be a key to saving our society and our environment. Understanding “The Oneness of All That Is” will unite you with the Creator and lead you to appreciate the glory of His work.

Find out here, how Dr. Margaret became…
“The Voice of the Oneness.”

  • You Have Been Trained to Judge Yourself

  • Sometimes This Means We Don’t Like Ourselves

  • Your Soul Structure Coding is the Key


Everyone has a pattern of existence that compounds habit, routine and conditioning. Learn about the Soul Structure Coding that developed your personality. Face your negative traps and pitfalls. Become positively aware and create joyful relationships.

Every child is joined to a mother before birth through the power of their individual Soul structures and their earthly personalities.

Discover who a child truly is, what their character and destiny might likely be, and get a glimpse of the wonder reasons for sharing oneself as a mother.

Discover the Oneness

Why is Life so Hard?

Your Baby is Psychic too