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One Woman’s Journey into The Oneness and Higher Consciousness.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, author of multiple metaphysically-oriented texts and novels, is releasing her new book, My Journey Into The Oneness.


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How My Service Works

I am here to help you. You can email me and set up an appointment or request a reading. I can communicate with your guides, your crossed loved ones and get you the answers you seek.

Relationship & Family

Navigating the dating world can be debilitating, exhausting, and sometimes downright depressing. With the addition of technology, online dating, and a shift in our culture, dating and relationships have sprouted new problems in communication and connections. These problems are present, especially if you feel like you’ve found “the one,” but it still isn’t working out. It’s easy to feel a disconnect when first connecting with someone.

Career & Money

As large conglomerates loom over the economic market, driving small businesses to their doom, the pressure to keep alive a business -- your livelihood -- is crushing you. The prospect of following your dreams and opening a small business can cause fear as well. Although society has pushed back against feeding money to large, successful companies by opting for events like Small Business Saturday after Black Friday, and shopping at online merchant marketplaces like Etsy, it takes a lot of effort to get a small business off the ground and keep it off the ground.

Health & Body ​

I have healed myself of Parkinson's Disease. I can support you along your journey to wellness. I have a series of modalities designed to assist you: Crystal Acupuncture, Teragram Therapy, Trinity Stone Healing, Hypnotherapy and simply asking The oneness to help you. Let me know how I may be of service.

Psychic Development​

It’s difficult to see people all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even around town in your own life creating amazing things and inventing beautiful projects, especially when you feel like you’re not contributing to the world’s repertoire of art, technology, and innovative projects.